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CIndieDigital believes in creating an advantage for business owners and entrepreneurs by helping them navigate the digital world. We embrace digital and social to achieve increased brand awareness and audience engagement.

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Cindy Dam

The Creative

An explorer and storyteller. Cindy has worn many boots through working in various industries and performing different business functions including consulting, project management, marketing, and coaching. When she’s not navigating the digital and virtual worlds, she hacks her way around the physical world to learn the code of people and their society.


Daniel Barnes

The Wordsmith

Daniel is an Oxford graduate, who specializes in producing quality content for businesses. She cannot wait to work on her next projects.


Miloslav Pavelka

The Techie

A pianist, software developer, computer technology enthusiast, and curious learner active in web front-end/back-end, development of Android, iOS and utilities. A fan of Python, Java and Javascript. When Mila is not busy producing beatiful codes and perform his technical tricks, you can find him playing to the tunes of Chopin, Liszt and Rachmaninoff.

Our services


Branding is for everyone, not only for big names and companies. We help you rediscover what you stand for - your USP, your targeted audience and how you want to position yourself.

Content Strategy

Research and define a content strategy that expands your digital footprint, increases awareness and attracts potential customers.

Social Media Management

We help you choose the most relevant social channels to your business and provide you with the guidance to build your presence on these channels.

Project Management

Manage and act as hub of communication for your digital projects include branding, content, websites, articles, and more.

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